The Jog Crew

Billy Mitchell

Head of jogscotland
ecreational running, participation and health

Billy took up running in 2000 with Galloway Harriers and joined Ochil Hill Runners when he moved to Stirling. Nowadays he is a regular age-group triathlon competitor and coaches at his local club.

Phone: 0131 539 7341
Mobile: 07801 634198


Carol Robison
Membership administrator

Carol looks after our membership database, and can help if you have questions about membership renewals, checking your membership status etc. If you're a member, you'll receive an email from her once a year, reminding you to renew your membership.

Phone: 0131 476 7321

Sue Gyford
Digital communications and press officer

Sue takes care of the jogscotland website, facebook page and Twitter account, and edits Stride magazine. She has run in events as far-flung as the Falkland Islands half marathon and the Mont Blanc 10K, and dabbles in outdoor swimming and triathlon.

Phone: 0131 539 7350
07880 037 574


Joanne Dennis
Coaching and Training Executive

Joanne works for both jogscotland and scottishathletics, helping our Jog Leaders and coaches get the training they need. If you want to train as a Jog Leader, or if you're a Jog Leader looking to develop your skills further, Joanne can help.

Phone: 0131 476 7328

Jo Stevens
Membership development officer

Jo is currently on maternity leave - please direct your queries as follows:

Membership queries – Carol Robison
Jog Leader training – Joanne Dennis
Group Finder – Sue Gyford
All other queries – Billy Mitchell

Jog Scotty
The Jog Dog! Mascot of jogscotland

Tall, furry and fast(ish). Likes to run after cats, bones, balls and just about anything, given half a chance.